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Does the helix have an audio in?


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I was initially bemused when I realized my new Helix didn't have an aux input. The reality is, however,  the Helix is configured perfectly for my workflow.


I realize not everyone would want my particular practice setup, but I run my Helix directly to my PC via USB, where I can sit in front of stereo monitors (decent computer speakers work just fine, too) and learn new material on guitar.


I can jamb along to backing tracks on YouTube, learn songs and solos with slow-down software (Transcribe), or just noodle. 


I have a tiny amp and the Boss Waza headphones I got for Christmas last year if I want to play while watching TV.


I wouldn't trade my Helix setup for anything, despite no aux input.

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As an aside, I've had various Amplifi's (and still have the TT as it's very versatile unit and can bluetooth music etc to it), plus had HD500 and HD Pro X but the Helix Rack is SIGNIFICANTLY better.  I mean it's unfair to even start to compare as the Helix (especially with the new 3.0 firmware) is RIDICULOUSLY better.   My advice, find a workaround as the benefits of the Helix blow the HDs out of the water!   Seriously, get one!



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