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Put 2 blocks under 1 footswitch On/off at the same time?


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Hi to all,

Just received my helix last Saturday and happy with it. Much more user friendly than my Kemper.

But here's the question :

Is it possible to put more blocks with fx on 1 footswitch?

F.e. I mostly use a delay only with my leadsound.

So 1 press to switch boost and delay on simultaneously.

And 1 step further: if I use my leadsound I hate reverb, so maybe with the same switch turn it of, when the other 2 go on, and vice versa.


Let me know your thoughts.



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Yes that's very easy to do.


Just press the menu button, go to the Footswitch control page (press knob1), use the joystick to select your delay (and then reverb) and assign them to the same footswitch as the boost.   The name on the scribble strip for the footswitch will change to "MULTIPLE (3)" if you assign all 3 things.


You can use the "bypass" button on each block to toggle to make sure the boost and delay are ON while the reverb is OFF.


Good eh! :)


The only downside is that you cannot assign these blocks to another footswitch - so for example it would not be possible to set up another footswitch to turn on your delay on your clean (no boost) sound.

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The other way, short cut?

Is to assign àn fx to a pedal by simply highlight the fx on the line, then just touch the footswich for a few seconds and it will ask if you want to assign the fx to that pedal.

Then if you want the fx off, press backspace. Now do the same with the next fx but have this one on.

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you can go even further. On most of my patches, I have a footswitch that


1. Changes the Drive, tone and output volume of the amp

2. changes the delay mix of two delays at the same time.

3. changes reverb parameters (sometimes) and

4. turns on another drive pedal.


I also typically use the Leslie 145 in scenarios where one footswitch turns on the Leslie and turns off the amp cab.

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