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line 6 g 30 : really disappointed


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i used this product

i bought it 4years ago 

but now i am very disappointed


-1st problem  :

  rechargeable batteries do not allow  to play 8 hours like they said
but 3hrs max and it quickly discharge so it is not very cool and serious
-2d problem
 the hook that attaches to pants or belt is plastic
not solid and it is now broken !!
-3d problem
Finally, housing for batteries not closed properly
this is fragile, unsustainable
I could attach the hook with something sticky on the box to attach to belt or pants
the hook  is now detached from its hook housing
they no longer hold together so very fragile and not serious!
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You bought a budget wireless system four years ago and your issues are:


a) The rechargeable batteries you bought don't last long enough.

b) The hook is flimsy

c) The battery door is fragile.


My thoughts:


a) What batteries are you using? Rechargeable AAs typically put out 1.2v and have a limited life cycle. How old are they? It is well known that rechargeable batteries don't last as long as non-rechargeable so if you want a good life from them you need to be using something pretty decent. I use Ansmann rechargeable batteries and they last three hours at band practice and still work for ages afterwards (although I always charge them before each session).

b) It is flimsy. You should have seen that when you bought it four years ago but the whole item is cheap and flimsy.

c) That's very well documented online. As per the wire clip. I immediately bought a Levy transmitter holder, not only does it replace the wire hook it holds the batter door securely closed.

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1)yes, i will use standard batteries but the price will be high for a year ?


i used Varta AA 2600 mAh


and Energizer 2300 mph (i think it's better  ) 


2) the hook is now out of the g30

so, i find a solution for bonding and attach it to the box


i really did not think the hook will be alone now ! :(((


but ok, i had a solution


i have never thought about a transmitter and wireless holder

i did not know it could exist (for us)

i have found a Richter but it's expensive and i need to change my guitar strap because my guitar strap


Planet Waves  Black Strap can't have a wireless holder


so it can be complicated but i am ok to say it will be useful except for the back?lol


i want the g10 because it will has no batteries! 

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I use Energizer 2400/2600 mAh rechargeable batteries and on average get 4 gigs out of them. That includes sound check and either a 1hr 30min or 1hr show per gig. Can't grumble really. The rechargeable's last a lot longer than Duracell non rechargeable batteries.

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So far, the wireless signal of my two G30s work fantastic. Here are some tips to protect it and get the most Eco-friendly workable battery life out of it. Truth is, the design of the G30 is not very robust. One drop and your probably done. The door will break off or the belt clip with snap.


1. Get a Neotech neoprene wireless pouch size small - it keeps the unit protected, keeps the battery door snug, Velcro straps hold the pouch to your strap. I put the G30 in the pouch output side down - there is a small opening just big enough for your output cable and you can squeeze your finger in the top part to turn the unit on and off.


2. Get an 8 pack of Sanyo enloop pro batteries (2500mAh) and a charger. They are more expensive but hold a charge really well and can be charged 500 times. I recharge after every gig and carry a few spares in my gig bag. No issues so far. I hated throwing out batteries after 7/8 hours - not a sustainable solution. The enloops are great and shortly pay for themselves many times over as well and your Green Party consciousness can rest easier : )

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