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Half speed playback for Android Version

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I could not find much on this and wondered if i missed something.

did they decide to remove it in one of the updates?

did they just forget to add it to the android version?


called tech support and was told that he had received several inquiries about this but did not know why it wasn't on the android version


he said he talked to the software developers and that a ticket would be opened for me about this.


i am patiently waiting for a response and will relay whatever i learn when they get back to me.

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IMHO pitch and speed change are only available since API level 23 (Android 6.0 Marshmallow).

Maybe Apple got speed shifting a lot earlier in their API and maybe line6 is using pure API calls so they didn't wrote own "shifting code".

My opinion in short: either the app becomes Android 6 only or they write own shifting code or no speed shifting at all :(

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May 12, 16:53 PM



Thanks for your patience in this matter.

The official and most accurate answer is this:

The 1/2 time playback feature has never been implemented on Android devices on any version of the remote app.

This may change in the future, but is not currently the case.

Let us know if we can answer any further questions.

Kind regards,

Jason-Line 6 support



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