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JTV 89F trem bar wiggle-Floyd rose Turbo arm assembly

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But it's made by Floyd Rose so doesn't that mean it isn't a third party device? And if they are matched up for the least amount of wiggle then that is just sad. It wiggles....alot. In every JTV89f I've handled (4 so far)

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Oh I get it. I guess I wouldn't describe it as a lot of wiggle but it is there so subtle vibrato just doesn't work. It has been brought up on this forum. And the trem bar looks exactly like the Floyd Rose official one and there are lots of things on the internet about the wiggle inherent in it's design. I believe people on this forum have replaced it with the Floyd rose old style arm. So it that fits, I can only assume the "Turbo" arm fits. So my only question then is, does it eliminate the wiggle?

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All the JTV's I've worked on, haven't come across the Turbo yet.

Maybe someone else here has.


Getting a replacement bridge assembly for an 89F, it has a trem

arm already fitted to it. They are very snug.


Do you happen to have a link to where I can get a replacement?

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I had the same problem with my 89F. I swapped out the GraphTech trem arm housing and bar with a Schaller trem arm housing and bar. The bar does stay tightened down very long, but it's nice and snug in the socket.

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