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Routing question: 1 Stomp into 2 separate chains


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I know I must just be having a brain fart and be missing something here.


I want to have one stomp box model feed 2 separate amp+effects paths. Because of DSP I can't have it all on Path 1 but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to have a stomp model on Path 1 feed an amp+effect on Path 1 AND an amp+effect on Path 2.

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I believe that Path 2 has a little bit more DSP horsepower than Path 1... (I think the Path 1 DSP also has to do the UI)


If I were you I would use Path 1 merely for the things that go before the amp block.. like Wah, compressor, fuzz, etc - and then send the whole thing off to Path 2.  You can then set up the split block and the two amp blocks on path 2


Hopefully this would work and you'd have enough DSP in Path 2 to do what you want.

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