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New Helix Rack user in Australia


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Hi all, well after reading your collective conversation on here, watching the videos etc I decided to place an order on the floor unit here in Australia. I knew the dealer had a rack unit, so I thought i'd pop in to try in out yesterday.


After 5 minutes on the thing I cancelled my order......and walked out with the rack. I'd previously convinced myself that the floor unit was going to be more practical - how wrong was I!. The dealer had already mounted the rack in a rack unit, a travel bag and all on a modified Amp stand. It sits neatly next to me at waist level with a simple foot pedal and expression pedal in front of me. Tweaking on the fly is a breeze.


Last night I had a late one setting up two basic sets - 1. My JVM channels on my 205c. Now I have JVM clean, crunch. Gain, and Lead  all integrating the Amp functions I need with Helix fx. It was a breeze, no tone suck, easy midi controls and the Big surprise.........HARDLY ANY LATENCY!


I'd read with horror the stories on here regarding latency. My unit is running v 1.10 out of the box and whilst there is a small lag - its nothing! not a problem. 


the second set I programmed was a series of Matchless channels and Plexi Channels. I need these for rehearsal tonight.


 First impressions: the most usable intuitive device Ive ever owned. Tones are excellent through my mixer into QSC k12s, and through my JVM, and easily tweakable.


v happy.




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