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Alternative Power Supply XT Live

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hi guys, i bought my xt in US years ago and recently moved back to Indonesia and I think I blew the power supply to the point that it does not work anymore. I wonder is there any other alternative to power my xt live? it's really hard to look for original power supply here, i wonder if POD HD500 power supply will work?



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thanks for the kind replies guys, however i was reading around the FAQ section and found this:


Q: I am traveling overseas. How should I power my Line 6 device?
A: You can buy any adapter that converts your country's power to these specs and it will work. Any electronics store in your country should be able to sell you one, or you can contact your local Line 6 dealer. Be aware that the DC-1g and DC-3g power supplies are “universal†across all voltage and power standards around the world, and you will only need the appropriate adapter for a new region rather than a different power supply or transformer.


mine is DC-3g, and I tried powering on my POD XT and it turned on and works fine but I didnt leave it on for a long time (1-3 mins just for functional check) and came back to this forum. I wonder if this is a good sign?

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Dude, its your XT it may run fine it may not with the incorrect PS. If you want to roll the dice its your choice, the DC-3g is for the HD and who is to say using it incorrectly won't fry that PS as well. Just bite the bullet and find the right one.

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