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Haven't gotten the chance to play around too much with the new firmware, but so far I really like it!  I thought I'd post a quick clip I made last night:




I thought the Strat sounded so good it made me dust off some SRV licks and play some blues :)  I was running the Strat neck pickup into a HD500 straight into an audio interface.  I was using the Dr. Z model with no external processing.  


Overall impression of the update was that the models were way more dynamic and lively.  I even noticed that on the acoustics.  I know they had already gotten the HD upgrade in a previous firmware, and it could be my imagination, but even they seemed to have a much wider dynamic range than before.  


I'm digging it, especially for a free update!

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I just uploaded the patch to custom tone it's named Dr Z Overdrive.  


I'm using the Dr Z model with the Blackface 2x12 cab and the ribbon mic.  The master volume is cranked and the drive is on about 8ish I think.  For the first half of the clip I have a boost comp on and the second half I add a tube screamer with it.  I don't think I adjusted the DEPs much if any at all.  Other than to crank up the master volume.  


Sweet playing and nice wailing on the strat setting. Are you doing anything special with the Dr.Z (screamer, amp/cab DEPs) or just tweaked to taste?

Thanks for posting this.

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Sorry about that.  Here's a direct link:  http://line6.com/customtone/tone/225606/


I'm not sure what's up with Customtone.  The only way I could find my own patch was by going to the my tones link.  I couldn't find it searching for it.  


If you open it the reason that the signal is split is because I'm using the effects loop to send the dry signal to a EHX Superego.  If you end up using this patch just do away with that part of it.  That part of the chain has nothing to do with the tone :)



i cant find Dr Z Overdrive in customtone

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