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Can I use the XD-V Lav Mic with a G-55?

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Possibly a newbie question - it's implied in the description of the XD-V that this will work, but I want to be sure.


Is it possible to buy just the Lav mic and connect this to a Relay transmitter so it will work with an existing G55 wireless unit that I already own? Or is there something else needed to make this work?


I have 2 G55's that I'm not using but I am looking to add a wireless mic for a sax so wondering if this is a good way to use what I already have.




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I believe you can.  The connector is the same.  The only possible problem would be phantom power, but i'm pretty sure they're the same physically with just different firmware from the factory handling EQ/presets.  If you already have both, try it out; it shouldn't damage anything.

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