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Loud buzz from mags over Variax data cable only

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I suspect this is a hardware problem but wondered if anyone has had a similar experience before I get onto Line 6.  My JTV59 was fine until this morning when it started to produce a constant loud and grating buzz from the magnetic pickup - just when connected via the data cable to an HD500.  No issue with modelled sounds over data link.  No problem from mags when connected via normal jack.  The problem is just with mags over the data link.  I've tried changing the cable and reflashing the firmware to kind of reset the electronics but neither made any difference.


Any other ideas?  Thanks

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It's a longshot given that the models work OK, but the only other thing to try is another VDI cable. Don't think it's the POD, because all is well with the 1/4". Pretty much has to be either the guitar, or the cable.

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