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Quiet B And E Strings On Hd Fender Models?

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Anybody else noticed this? I've listened pretty hard and it seems to me that the B and E strings are lower in output than the other strings on the Fender models. It's easiest to notice on the 'quack' strat settings (pos. 2 and 4). Seems fine on other models, including the acoustics.

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placed this also in the Thread "Now Available: Variax Hd Upgrade And Workbench Hd Software":


I discovered the same issue: High E and B-strings have noticeable lower volume than the other strings. And the high E-string doesn't ring long enough to me compared to the others.


Although it is now more comfortable to adjust strings volume with WS HD, I do expect from a new proudly announced JTV-firmware that this is just RIGHT.


This issue and some others leads me to the point that I will stick to FW 1.9 for now. The FW 2.0 is not a no-brainer to me at the moment.


I need to make more testings and A/B before I am willing to go for FW 2.0, because I need to touch / tweak my presets (approx. 100 to go through), if I go for it.

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