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Can someone help me get hurghanico's (Nico's) patches?


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I think I already have those patches but, while you're at it, can you please be so kind to do the same with me? You know, as this forum is dying (with the unit itself), that would be also a nostalgic way of remember the old days...

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Thanks  :) In fact I thought you were on a trip like "7 years in Tibet". I have some problem with one knob also. The values go backwards and jump forward suddenly, making really difficult naming patches with the hardware...

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ah ah :D ah..


I will reply to your statement above using the same words of Cheyenne (Sean Penn) in "This Must Be the Place" movie:


"That's not true but it's kind of you to say."




Whatever you do don't take the "Midnight Express", Good Movie I just recently seen it for the first time. True story.





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I love editing on the Helix direct but your concerns about physical endurance are valid.  We have the editor now but is really is so easy on the device.  Hope they get it fixed for you Nico...

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of course I can, it's my pleasure..


here are the patches attachicon.gifHD (simil Helix) in the Studio demo series I used for the "HD in the Studio" (simil Helix) audio demo series posted time ago in SoundCloud..


to see some descriptions about which guitar models and pickups I used with each specific patch click on the title of the corresponding track in SoundCloud..


This days I'm without my old HD500, I brought it to an authorized service center for an estimate of the repair cost ..


already some time ago I started having problems with the encoder n.4 below the display, then the same thing happened with the encoder n.2 .. so I decided to try replacing both of them by myself..


I collected their specs, ie 24 step encoders with 25mm long shaft and 6mm diameter, and I ordered 5 of them here:


so after disassembling the POD I desoldered the bad encoders (proper desoldering for a inexperienced tech like me is definitely the most difficult part of the work, also because I don't have professional tools)..


the good news?.... encoder n.4 works wonder!!


the very bad news???... encoder n.2 (new) doesn't work at all, the old one was working at least a little... but the worst part is that suddenly also the encoder n.1 and the preset/setlist encoder don't work anymore, which were working very good before my crazy attempt to do technician work.. maybe I have burned something on the main board or caused a short circuit.. however luckily the POD still works..


so as you can imagine I'm a bit angry with myself..


now while waiting for the verdict, I dusted off my POD Farm 2 fully loaded (X3 modeling technology) which I didn't use for a long time, and I re-discovered some sounds not bad at all, like with the Cali Crunch, I turned down the cab ER to about 15%, I changed mic and put a 67 condenser, drive around 60-65%, using a bridge P90 or humbucker..


and the result?.. a fat nice boogie saturated blues tone, not as dynamically responsive as with the HD but surely a very nice and usable timbre.. ah ah.. useless to say that for playing also Santana tunes works very good


Also sorry to hear your HD Pod isn't doing so well. Glad you found something useful out of the older tech. I still use my X3 Pro. My HD500 is still functional but I may not have used it as much as you have yours.


I gave my UX2 to someone a while ago and I think that's still going strong. The problem I see on my end is that my computers aren't lasting as long as my Line 6 devices.

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ah ah :D ah.. probably you have turned your POD encoders less than 15,000 times!!..


and in my case I strongly suspect that summing the encoders turns made by the previous owner and the ones made by me until now, the limit of 15,000 has already been passed by some time, since I do always patch building directly on the device..


but from now on I will strive to use the editor




personally I'm still using a P4 notebook (desktop replacement type) bought in 2005-06, but at some point I had to change the internal hard disk and the CD/DVD burner, also periodically I did and still do the internal maintenance by removing the dust accumulated in the cooling system and lubricating the shaft of the two fans so that they remain silent when they start spinning fast..


I upgraded also the ram, and the notebook still works good for everything you do typically on a PC, DAW recordings with active plugins included..


in the meantime my partner changed notebook 3 times.. I'm still running on XP, she passed instead from XP to Vista, to Win 8 and tried Win 10..


often I help her for the things she find complex.. so I gatered some experience also with Win OPs beyond XP...


to be honest I hate them all!!.. except maybe Win 7


Glad to hear your getting some good life out your computers. I still have one from 2007 or so HP desktop with Win 7. Still fine for what I do and I take care of it by keeping it clean inside by every couple years removing the side panel and sucking out the dust and checking various connections. That's about it. Oh, I recently found that GWX Control Panel is a great tool for preventing the free install of Windows 10. It was free and worked great on 3 computers so far.


GWX Control Panel<>Ultimate Outsider

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