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L2M - Does Master Level Affect the Loop-Thru Output?

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Hi, I am using the L2M to monitor my Fractal AX8.  I then take one of the outs from the L2 to the mix in place of running a mic on a guitar cabinet.


I know that changing the output of my AX8 will increase or decrease the signal the mix gets, but does the L2's master level affect that?  I am just not clear on it.


The manual states that this output "duplicates the signal at the line input jack."  Does that mean that I can change the volume level of the L2's output but yet NOT affect the signal seen by the mixing board?  That's what I'm hoping for but am not sure.


Any wisdom on this would be appreciated.





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duplicates the signal at the line input jack


Take that sentence as literal as you can and that's what it means.  Crank the speaker as loud or as quiet as you want.  If you already have one one you should easily be able to test this by running the L2 to zero and checking that you still have signal going to the output.

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