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th-IRs-ty Thursday (err late) IR's - 3-pack: Mesa TA30 212, Mesa R412, Marsh Check 412


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Since I think i have about exhausted my physical Recto 212, I went back to the Amplitube 4 cabs again this weekend to explore some nice open back 212 sounds.  Working with AT4 instead of physical gear also lets me experiment a bit more easily and test some concepts before executing physically.

I remembered that a batch of open back Orange 212 cab IR's I previously made sounded boxy, as they did even in AT4. But that Orange AT3 pack was last gen from 2013. The newest and flagship 2015 Amplitube 4 packs are the Mesa and new AT4 British collection, which utilize their newer modelling methods/processes i believe.

A cab that I think is close to the Orange open back 212 is a Mesa TA30 212, which is a newer pack for AT4. So with an ear fresh off of some physical IR's I made a couple of weeks ago, I shot a few of AT4 IR's of it with different mics and liked what I was getting.

I think these are pretty nice with the mid-gain crunch Helix amp models, are not bad with the hi-gain amps.


  • MesTA30 D00.wav - SM57 centered on the cone
  • MesTA30 D01.wav - SM57 1" off center
  • MesTA30 D02.wav - SM57 2" off center
  • MesTA30 D00 D45.wav - SM57 on axis, centered on the cone + SM57 off axis 45deg (FRED)
  • MesTA30 D00 C05.wav - SM57 centered on the cone + U87 condenser about 5" off center
  • MesTA30 D00 R05.wav - SM57 centered on the cone + Ribbon 121 about 5" off center

Let me know if you like them, but may want some different mics/positions.

Link to the root IR folder.

PS: Was in the creative zone, so tossed some new AT Recto 412 IR's out there too. I was finding my previous ones a bit dark for live use.

  • MesR412 D00 C05.wav
  • MesR412 D00 D45.wav
  • MesR412 D00 R05.wav
  • MesR412 D00.wav
  • MesR412 D01.wav
  • MesR412 D02.wav




PPS:  Somewhat addicted today I guess.  I made a couple of AT4 British Collection "Red Pig" Marshall Check IR's for my Helix Plexi/JTM/Park tones.  They work well for Matchless and Fender too.




  • MarRed412 D00 D45 C06.wav
  • MarRed412 D00 D45 R00.wav
  • MarRed412 D00 D45 R06
  • MarRed412 D00 D45.wav
  • MarRed412 D00 C00.wav
  • MarRed412 D00 C06.wav
  • MarRed412 D00 R00.wav
  • MarRed412 D00 R06.wav
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