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Firehawk 1500 Tone creations Sharing Forum


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1500 users. I'd like to create a forum where you can post the title of a tone that you created and put into the cloud. I also want to use this as Search forum. For instance..."in search of a great Orange head patch" and if someone has created a good one they can reply to the post here with the title so one can search for it in the cloud and DL. I know there is already a ton of tones in the cloud but I want ones that are specifically created for using with the 1500 in a live setting.


So, does anyone have a badass Marshall JCM 900 patch that they've put into the Cloud that sounds good at rehearsal/gig volumes? THANKS

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Let me know how you make out


FWIW - I already host Line-6 Variax Patch sharing here:




and could add a similar patch sharing area to the existing Firehawk 1500 area here:



we use google to search "vguitarforums: Variax Gretsch" 




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