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Pod Farm 2 / Reaper won't record at 48hz but keep saying it does

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So I set my Pod farm 2 at 16 bit, 48hz but when recording commentary for hours and syncing it up to gameplay. The intro to the gameplay is perfectly synced but 20 min into gameplay its somehow de-syncs. 


All of my commentary files are listed as 48hz but clearly they are not (more like 44.1hz) also when setting podfarm to 48hz its sometime default to 44.1



Podfarm 2 ASIO Setting

Default buffer size: 512

Default Bit depth: 16 bit


Reaper Project

project sample rate 48hz

render resample HQ (512pt sinc)


Render to WAV 16bit PCM auto wav/wave64


Not really sure if i'm doing something wrong or Pod farm doesn't send the correct sounds to Reaper. BUT please can anyone help me?  :'(

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