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Firehawk 1500 effects toggle on/off through MIDI; is it possible?


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Hi guys, Long time L6 user but never posted here. :)


I've both Firehawk 1500 and Helix. Very happy user.


As the Firehawk has some really nice FX I would like to experiment and use out of my main Helix chains, would be awesome if the Helix could toggle on/off those effects via MIDI.


As far as I can tell, MIDI on the 1500 is just working to change patches, but this seems odd to me as there's nothing preventing Helix to send Toggle command to the Firehawk which seems ready to receive MIDI. Also asking myself why adding a full MIDI section just to change up/down patch.


Anyone know if we can use Helix, or any other third party MIDI controller, to toggle effects on/off on the FH1500?


If the answer is no as it seems, is there anything preventing this to be a future update? Would be really awesome and the cherry on the cake to be the perfect companion for the Helix.


Thanks everyone.

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Yeah Full Midi Control Is not an option at this time, the Pilots Guide gives a list of midi CC# but none work. The only midi control that does work are program changes all the other options that are listed are not supported. I hope Line6 will be able to address this very soon. It would be nice if Line6 would acknowledge this fact and keep us owners of the Firehawk 1500 what they plan to do about fixing the problem, becuase I paid a lot of money to have midi control of my new and "very expensive amplifier"

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