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Generating feedback w helix, orange dark terror and frfr speaker


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Hello everyone,


First time poster.


I have an Orange dark terror amp head that I use with a rockcrusher recording load box/attenuator/cabinet emulator to connect to the Helix.  I've just moved from a flat with three floors of neighbours above me to a house with a spacious attic room that has become my home studio.  I was operating a silent recording setup in the flat but I now want to start using some form of speaker.  I'm leaning towards a FRFR speaker (specifically this http://www.andertons.co.uk/speaker-cabinets/pid35447/cid690/laney-iron-heart-irtx-powered-guitar-expansion-cab.asp ) because I figure I might be able to use it with my roland TD30k drumkit as well (although that isn't a priority.)  I have enough to buy one speaker but if needed I may invest in two at some point in the future.  I mainly want to know whether it's possible to generate feedback from the helix amp and cab models and/or routing the orange head and rockcrusher through the Helix and using a FRFR speaker.  I ask because I saw this video of a Helix and cabinet demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IuX5L8DjtM.


The guy definitely seems to be getting some feedback together and having been recording silently for the last 3 years I want to start squealing and howling again.


I have two questions as I've never used a FRFR speaker before.  I connect the rockcrusher to the helix and use the orange head as an insert block separate from any Helix amp and cab models and FX, sometimes in a mono serial routing and sometimes in a stereo parallel routing as two different amp and cab emulations panned left and right, and sent from the XLR outs direct to my mixer.  As such having the ability to connect a stereo signal to the FRFR speaker is important to me but not necessarily outputting a stereo image to my ears (if that makes sense) ie a left and right FRFR speaker.  So could I send a stereo signal from the Helix 1/4 inch outs to the stereo FX loop on the FRFR?  I don't forsee using the FRFR in any part of the recording as yet (mainly due to not quite understanding how or why I would in preferance to the way I record at the moment eg using the two Helix XLR outs to connect to two channels on my mixer) and just using the speaker for monitoring the helix. Does that mean I have to complete the FX loop ie send a stereo signal back to the helix from the FRFR?  I mean as I understand it feedback is the phenomenon of soundwaves from the speaker vibrating the guitar strings and being picked up by the guitar pickups, generating noise through the amp and manifesting as soundwaves from the speaker and then repeating that sequence over and over. 


2nd question: is it physically possible to generate feedback using a FRFR speaker and will it damage any of the components in my theoritical rig of guitar > Helix > Orange amp > Rockcrusher > Helix > FRFR speaker and then using the Helix XLR outs to send to my mixer.


Apologies if any of these questions seem simple or strange.

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You can generate feedback from anything

Certainly you shouldn't have too much problem from that rig. If you have it setup permanently you should mark the floor for your favourite spots to stand for certain frequencies (Vai does that at sound checks)

A guitar cab should do it for ever

And FRFR setup fine at moderate volumes for brief periods

I would have thought the danger would be to the tweeter although they are generally quite robust

These days you can get a Line6 L3t for the same price as an L2t and if you aren't having to lug them anywhere these are outstanding with guitar and electronic kits (I use mine with my 2 box)

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Thanks for the advice.  I'll definitely look in to a L3t and see how it compares.  I looked in to a 2 box for a long time when I made the move from an acoustic to electric.  I was very excited about them.  I decided to go for roland's "models" vs 2 box's "samples" though.

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I run through two Alto 10" FRFR's set in front of me in a floor monitor configuration - at modest volumes using my standard presets (built around the Matchless models w/a very gentle compression in front) I get insanely reliable, controllable feedback.  Bear in mind that feedback is physics at it's purest - volume vs distance vs frequency vs sensitivity - so no matter what the rig you're still subject to those parameters.  But I've been stunned by how responsive the Helix is in this regard.


Years back I worked with a band where the nature of the music was such that I was expected, several times a nite, to hit and sustain a given note indefinitely.  Once my gear was set up I'd whip out my tape measure, and begin measuring from the speaker, putting tape markers on the floor at certain "hot spots". Bands following us would comment on those - "What's with the C#, G, A# tape on the floor....?"


The POINT of music is emotion - but the PROCESS of music is physics.


edit - just noted fukuris post.  No, I'm not Vai, and was doing this long before he showed up.

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