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Cannot get signal from UX1 when amps are present

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Hi everyone


A while ago I had this UX1 working perfectly but now I've upgraded to W10, don't know if that's the root cause of my problem but maybe it'll prove helpful.


The first time I installed everything and got hardware set-up, I could see all of the amps were present in the software but the software wasn't receiving any signal from my guitar. the input gauge above the threshold/decay knobs never budged. So, I decided to uninstall and reinstall and lo and behold, I got signal but now I could only play clean, as I got an error code (8000a002) whenever I tried to choose a preset or an amp/pedal. My computer and the pod were authorized in License Manager, the extra presets were downloaded and I even ran the Line 6 monkey and made sure everything was updated.

So I thought I'd uninstall and reinstall again, in fact I did this twice and both times the first outcome repeated itself (all amps present but no input).

I did notice something weird in the settings screen so I thought i'd include it.


Please help! This is driving me insane.

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