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Okay Guys, 

I need some advice.  Although I consider myself somewhat knowledgable on some subjects, when it comes to sound, amps, pedals, and plethora of options, I'm a total boot.  Which is a reason I own a HD500X...everything is there for me and I don't have to worry about it.  That being said though, the HD500x is huge and I travel a lot for work so I'm not always able to bring it along with me and I'm relegated to subpar travel amp options.  




- Is there an interface that will allow me to use the programs that are related to my HD500X ("HD500x Edit, Workbench HD, and/or POD Farm 2")?  For instance, instead of bringing my pedal along with me, can I just use an interface to plug directly into my computer where I could use those programs as my pedal?...so I could use the output towards a set of speakers/headphones?  


- Sonic port...is this my best option (I do own a Mac)?  Or is there another option that I'm unaware of?  


- Will the Sonic port allow me to use the setting I have on those aforementioned programs or will I have to use whatever is on their Mobile App?  



Anyways, just looking for some guidance.  I'm just trying to get the sound I've grown accustomed to without lugging the actual pedal with me.  Thanks Guys!

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