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Avenged sevenfold Smart Harmony - Change key with pedal


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Hi guys,


i'm a new happy owner of a POD HD500x, i'm pretty happy of the sounds that i'm configuring on it, really.

Now i would like to configure a Smart Harmony for the Solo section of Buried alive, that is harmonized, but I guess is changing key during the part. I would like to have a comparison with you to get sure of what i'm going to configure on the harmony and on the pedal.


The chords under the solo are:


Am, C, F, E


So, if i don't get wrong, E is not in the key of Am, it should be an Em. So the problem is that the harmony doesn't work for the entire solo.

What should I do? where and what is the key changing? 

I configured an Am scale with +3th and a mix of 27% on the smart harmony, but on the pedal I should change the key to what? A#m? 


thank you for your patience and help.


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Man I want to agree with you on what I remember of that tune. During one Am arp section guitar 2 is a 3rd higher. Am natural -> Em, but if its Am Harmonic -> Emaj look for the G#.  


Try putting one part on a looper and then manually harmonize it to see what's up.

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So, if i don't get wrong, E is not in the key of Am, it should be an Em. 



I will let others speak on how to set up the machine. 


But as to the 'music theory' question.... 

In minor scales, the notes may not reflect that it is a G# when played individually. But there is some sort of rule that, when making a chord on the 5, you make it a major chord. That's one of the reasons why saying a song is in the key of A minor is different than saying it is the key of C major even though they have the same notes.

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I tried all the scales preset on the pod, the harmonic minor too.

This is how the part is:




GUITAR1:          A A A B    |      G E      |       F F F G    |    E    |

GUITAR2:          C C C D   |      C G      |       A A A E   |    G#  |


CHORDS:              Am      |       C         |          F          |     E    |



I guess the problem is that for the second guitar, is making a C for a 3rd on the A, and a C for the G also and is not a 3rd no more.

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A7X has some great stuff and they do use a lot of diminished licks tossed in for that creepy vibe. Try looping one part at 1/2 speed and play the second to see if there is that tonal shift going on. 

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OK thanks to your suggestion, i make it work with the POD.


The solution is to set Am minor to exp1 heel position and Am Harmonic minor to toe position, using the Heel position for the first three chords and the toe position for the E chord.



is not properly like the song but is work and is not out of tune :)

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