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POD XT Live connections for gig

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I use POD XT Live for gigs (in pubs) , I connect the left and right jack outputs to mixer desk (15ft cables) and the headphone output to my Fender Stage 100 amp effect loop input. This gives me my guitar sound behind me from the amp (generally central on stage) and some width from the PA (great for ping pong delay etc). Is this the best configuration I can get from this equipment ?

Any tips appreciated

brgds, Mike

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I ran the XTL into a Tech 21 PE60 and used its XLR out to the desk or just mic'd the cab. You can use a DI box to go to XLR for longer runs to the board.


I never ran the Stereo FX as they didn't translate well over the PA.


Best config? Toughie it depends if all your patches are ear pleasing to you. Some like a FRFR amp or powered speaker, some like tube power amps.

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