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Amplifi .....Full Range or not Full Range

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Hi All, 

I have a bit of a first world problem here and I'm sure there are a lot of Variax users in a similar situation.

I'm about to buy a Helix Floorboard & a Variax standard, both mostly for studio use, but I would like to be able to use the rig in a small live situation. The Problem I have is what amp to go for ?

I am reluctant to go for a full range floor monitor option as I think two monitors would make the rig too awkward.....

The Firehawk 1500 is just too big.....

Amplifi 75/150 would be just about right, but I have a feeling it is only full range as a bluetooth player.

The shop I'm dealing with hasn't got either Amplifi models in stock & will not order one without me buying it........

All advice will be gratefully appreciated & any clever workarounds will get a virtual Gold Star.......is there possibly a baby Firehawk 150 without the FX on the drawing board ?

Thanks in advance ;-)  

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