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Suhr Reactive Load w tube amp and Helix


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Just wanted to run this by everyone here to make sure I'm not gonna fry anything when I set this up :) which I plan on doing this weekend once I get back from traveling


So looking to use my tube amps with the SRL to get dimed tones at low volumes via my studio monitors for recording/jamming and want to incorporate the Helix so I can use the fx's and also since the Helix acts as well as IR loader that's all I need for the SRL.


I'm planning on connecting my gtr into my amp-input, then speaker-out of my amp into the SRL input-from-amp, then out of SRL DI-unbalanced in to the helix gtr in.


Does this sound correct or has anyone tried this and thanks in advance!



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I use a Tube Amp Doctor Silencer in much the same way as you guys with the SRL, 1/4" line out of it into into Helix Return 1 (set to Send/Return 1 to Line in Global Settings).  You could set Return 1, instead of Multi Guitar/Aux/Variax, as the input on the Helix patch.


I don't see a way to set the Helix Guitar Input to Line level.  You might be able to use Aux.  But I keep my amp/TADS in Loop 1 so I can switch it in and out of Helix and still use the Helix amp models too (not at the same time of course).


But physical amps do sound great into both IR's and the Helix Cab blocks.

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