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I want to switch between my Variax mags or Variax pups on my guitar


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is there anyway I can use my VDI cable  and switch between mags and Variax pups.

every time I change a preset on the Helix it turns the Vax pups back on.

I want to use the Vax pups when I want to ... not when Helix wants me to 


I would like it so that when I change presets I am in mag pups mode ..

until or unless i turn the Vax pups on myself.


right now it is the exact opposite ...

every time I switch to a different preset it turns the Vax pups back on.


there must be some type of global command ...

having to change these on an individual basis is ridiculous.


i've looked at the input settings ... 

on the multi-input settings , it gives a per preset or global option ...

but it doesn't give me anywhere to select Variax mags as the global setting.


yes I'm dazed and confused

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If you want the mags on a particular preset, go to that one, turn on the mags with your JTV and save the preset. When you choose that preset again, it'll come up with the last way you saved it (mags on).


You can set a separate input on the 2 paths - one for mags and one for models then mute them and choose with a foot switch. I do this with an acoustic model on path 1, and my mags on path 2. That way I can have an acoustic intro and switch to my mags for electric leads.



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I'm also using both, mags and models, on some of my presets, only, instead of switching, I crossfade from one to the other using them as source for different paths and then controlling those paths with volume blocks. I tried to do it with other blocks, like the a/b mixer, but two volume blocks produced better results IMO.

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