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Saving a Tone from Tone Search into amp

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Could anyone advise me of the procedure for saving a tone from Tone Search into my amp.

Using my tablet, I select a tone using Tone Search and it transfers into my amp. It is then that my problem starts as having downloaded a tone into a User bank, if I then select another user bank, I lose the tone I have just downloaded. I have gone thro all the sections of the app both left and right of the page, tried My Tones, Tone info etc but just don't seem to be able to write the selcted tone into the amp so it remains there if I change any of the settingss, banks etc.


Derek B

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If you get the tone how you want it, then save it to "my tones". Once it's there, you can choose which slot in the amp to save it to by clicking on "store on firehawk 1500". It should look something like this:post-1941827-0-72893100-1466030513_thumb.png


Hope that helps?

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