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effect loop level


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Use -10dBv for any amp.


it is a lower level and closer to the instrument level that you need to send from Helix's SEND socket to the HT5 amp front input.


+4dB might cause clipping, because you need to set the Helix's Send/Return to instrument level (in Global settings) or otherwise if you choose LINE you'll be putting way too much signal into the front to the HT5 - which is expecting to see a guitar signal powered by the swipe of a plectrum.


If you choose +4dbU on the HT5 then the signal coming back into the Helix's RETURN socket from the HT5 amp's SEND will be a LOT louder than what you are sending into the front of the amp.   I already find I need to turn down the RETURN level on the Send/Return block to about -15dB when I use -10dBv to maintain a similar level to when the Send/Return block is bypassed.  If you used +4dbU you'd probably need to turn it down 25 or 30dB.

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