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Line 6 G10 Charging State 04/06/16 (Short Clip)


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This is to show the current charging state of my Line 6 G10's and what the led lights show on both the base unit and transmitter.


Both these G10's were used last and both at the same time for the first part of our show, the yellow and blue tape is to identify that the correct transmitter mates up with the correct receiver. I had an instance last night during sound check were both transmitter will work with either receiver, but not when they are both activated, one would connect but the other wouldn't. 


If I was using just one G10 it wouldn't matter which transmitter I was using with which receiver, but when using both at the same time, the transmitter that came in the box with the said receiver is the one you have to use, hence the tape.


So both worked flawlessly and to be honest better than my previous G30's, one of my G30's would always suffer minor drop outs whereas the other one wouldn't, this didn't happen last night. As per the instructions, once the transmitters have been dorment for a number of minutes they go in to sleep mode and then reawaken the minute you play the guitar. Worked as described.


Just to add, the blue transmitters LED went to a solid green light as soon as I stopped filming indicating fully charged.


As you can see from the short clip, everything is working as per the manual.


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You're quite right, I did.


But once I returned to it after a full days charging and removed it from it's base station and then put it back it did what you see in the video. The second unit did exactly the same thing, the base station never changed from pulsing red all day, not until I removed the transmitter and then put it it back. Only then did the lights change colour to represent the current state.


Anyway, both are working as per the manual.

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I own G10 a few weeks now.  Works well (only on strat and basses, acoustic gives noise, but that aside, bought it for bass)


1. While charging I never saw a solid green led on the receiver/charger.

Is that a battery problem?


2. How do you notice when transmitter goes into sleepmode?

Green led on transmitter (in guitar) stays solid green all the time when we take a (15 to 20 minutes) break.

Is the led supposed to go off or something?



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If I leave my transmitters plugged in to my guitars they tend to go into sleep mode within 4 or 5mins only to re-awaken once it detects a signal from the string.


When I first bought both my G10's, the receiver didn't change to green even after 15hrs of charging, but once I removed it and plugged the transmitter into the guitar and then back into the receiver all worked as per the manual.

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