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New Use (?) For A Spider Iv 75!

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Don't know why I never thought of doing it before, but yesterday I hooked up a Shure SM58 and my Taylor acoustic/electric to my Mackie ProFX12 mixer, then sent the output to the CD/MP3 input on the back of the Spider.

Voila! - Instant PA System!

I did find out, though, that if I only fed 1 side of the left/right mixer output to the stereo input that the volume was not very loud, but when I sent a full stereo signal (I used the headphone output because I only had an adapter to do it that way), the volume was huge - and clear!

Most likely I would never use the amp this way, but it's a good option as I don't have any powered PA speakers of my own to use, and it would make an ideal monitor, too.

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Good idea, Mike! I just ordered the same mixer from Sweetwater yesterday so I can do the same thing! Been using a Fender portable amp (the little package they market for that sort of thing), but now I can carry the mixer instead, and plug my wireless headset into that, and my guitar into the Spider IV 75, and not have to mess with that other amp. :D


(Later...) decided not to use the headphone-to-mp3 in - I'm just running the guitar into Input 1 (with the High Z button depressed), the headset into Input 2, and the left out into the (guitar) input of the Spider IV. Works like a charm.


As an aside, my Spider IV sits under my computer desk, as that's where I normally play. My computer headphone jack is connected to the mp3 in on the Spider (so I can play along with iTunes or videos on the 'puter), and my JTV-59 into the guitar input on the Spider. I'm really lovin' it!

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