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My amplify 150 goes of when the sound is high


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  • 1 month later...

I've encountered a similar issue with my Amplifi 150 (I also have a Line 6 FBV Shortboard MkII with a 50ft Cat5 cable connecting it).  

Regardless of whether I'm just playing or editing presets, after about 25 minutes - there's a loud POP - and it goes off.  I have to turn the amp OFF then back ON again.


It's bizarre - and scary when you are trying to playing a (less than 150 watt required) gig and all 150 watts POP like that.  


Any thoughts on maybe it being the power source?  I plug the amp into a surge protector and none of the other amps have that isssue.

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Sounds like a overheating issue. Some people have reported issues like this with the spider series.

I brought it into a Line6 service center in North Hollywood.  Its a min. of 4 weeks turnaround - but I'll keep you advised.

It was the first one that they had seen - so I had to explain how it all works, but he agreed; sounded like an overheating issue.


(In the meantime, I bought a Crate Powerblock amp which allows me to plug my Line6 Pod XTLive pedal board into the "Line inputs" and goes out to a fender 4x12 cabinet for upcoming gigs). Plenty of power, and the powerblock was $100 on CL.  

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I've noticed a similar problem with my 150 where it seems to disconnect from my iPad when I crank it up. It also pauses when I switch to,another song. It plays the first few seconds of the song, then stops while it loads the tone. I have to hit the play button several times for it to keep playing the song which can be annoying sometimes. While it is irritating, I love the tones and am pleased overall with the amp. I'm using it more to noodle around and practice with and not for playing live.

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  • 2 years later...

I have a similar issue.


I use the app for gigs, I keep the volume at 40%-50%. The amp works fine for a while 1-2 hours).


But more and more frequently when I want to boost my volume for a solo the amp dies and I have to turn it off and on again.


I boost my volume to solo by hitting the function switch which controls the compressor.


I have the compressor set to boos the volume by +9db with a threshold of -10 (not extreme).


It - to date - ONLy shuts off when I boost it with the compressor.


On output levels I have the guitar set to 75% - or less and i often play with my strat at 70%-80% of max volume.


Is it my patches? They are not extreme, clean, blues, rock.


Any help appreciated.








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I don't think the amp should be turning off when you hit the compressor.  Even if the preset is totally weird (all over them on, etc), it shouldn't kills the power.

Does the same behavior happen when you use another preset and press the function (i.e., compressor) switch?  It might be that switch on the pedalboard.


Full disclosure: I sold the Amplifi 150 and pedal board not too long ago.  Regardless of the patch, it never really cut through in a live setting.  I'm thinking of getting one of the interfaces for recording purposes as I liked editing with the Ipad, but I couldn't deal with it not sounding good in a live setting.


Often the sounds "we" create at home without other instruments / frequencies don't work in a live setting with drums, bass, other guitars, etc.


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Hi Joey,


Thanks for the info. Interesting.


It is a possibility that its the footswitch (this is a replacement one, my first died) but the power only shuts off in a gig setting and usually after its been used for a while -  2nd or 3rd set.


I have been pretty happy with the sound of the amp and I usually mike it to get out into the crowd. The versitility in the sounds and having consistent settings makes like easy. I also like the combination of weight/price/size. Maybe the places you play are a lot bigger than what we play?


Here are typical settings on a patch - this one is one of my harder rock patches:


OCompressor set to boost the volume by +7-9db with a threshold of -10 (not extreme).


On output levels I have the guitar set to 75% - or less - and I often play with my guitars at 70%-80% of max volume. Overall volume 40-50%.


Screamer stomp with a drive of 60%, gain of 25%, tone 64%.


My amp is set to 1192 Brit Gain J-900 Dist. Drive 63%, Bass 75%, mid 82%, treble 72%, presence 38%, volume 51%.


No EQ and optional chorus, and delay, off by default.


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AH - then it does sound like there's some weird short in the footswitch.  I had issues when I had the footswitch connected to the amp. It caused me to re-think a 50ft cat5 cable.  But when I didn't have the footswitch connected - it didn't "glitch out".  Either way, when I had the part fixed - all the issues stopped.  


I did like the Amplifi and I still have my Pod XT Live for recording stuff at home - I just liked the editing features on the Ipad.


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