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Helix + Scarlett 18i20 to pro tools


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Previously I had been using an eleven rack into pro tools 11. Monitoring my input was painless and I was able to adjust the volume in the pro tools mix window and use the 11r editor to adjust the output volume to adjust the input level if that makes sense. The fader in the pro tools mix window did not affect the actual input level, only the volume. This was nice.


When I switched to helix everything is monitored through the helix. Now when adjusting the fader, volume isn't affected since I'm monitoring through the helix. I'm confused. It would be great to have the same setup I had with the 11r or some alternative, which is why I brought the Scarlett into the mix.


Any suggestions so I am able to easily adjust the volume of things I am monitoring? I don't even hear a change Even when I mute the track after record enable.

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If it were the pod hd id say turn the master volume knob up.

Thanks, I've since posted in the correct forum but thank you for taking the time to actually answer the question even though I was in the wrong area lol. POD HD/Helix, doesn't matter, the principle is the same for acting as an interface.


The master volume brings up the entire mix, instead of just the armed track I am trying to record into. Was looking to be able to control the armed tracks volume. I did find a way to accomplish what I was wanting to accomplish but now dealing with the inherent latency you get from "software monitoring". I've got some workarounds at least. Just a different workflow than what I was used to with the 11r. I got spoiled.

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Seems to be much the same.

When you turn fader in DAW it doesnt effect 11R Helix or other either. So I dont fully u'stand the prob.


Sounds like it might be the amp volume itself or mixer if Helix has a mixer 

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