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Helix MIDI power to external devices, MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller

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In looking for different expression pedal control options, I came across the MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller. This would potentially allow Helix users to use any volume pedal as an expression pedal via Helix MIDI CC.

It appears to be 5-pin DIN MIDI, like Helix. It operates on 5V power to its MIDI input stating this is a standard MIDI specification. Can Helix MIDI out provide this power?



If not, there is a pretty easy +5V USB/MIDI cable hack to power the MIDI input of the MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller if Helix MIDI Out can't provide power.


+5V USB/MIDI cables hack


MIDI Solutions Power FAQ directing users to the hack...


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I have a MIDI Solution Event Processor at home... I'll have to try hooking it up to my Helix to see if it powers it. I think it worked when I tried it with my M13.

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