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Complete failure of G50 receiver

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I've had my G50 for a good few years now, but I managed to sever the factory power cable within the first few months due to an unfortunate 'cable hanging out of the flight case when I closed it' incident.


Since then I've got by by using my T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon with a current doubler to power the receiver. I've now got a Helix and that has rendered my entire pedal board redundant, and it seems like a bit of overkill (and a massive faff) to use the fuel tank to power the receiver.


I want to get a new power supply and I want it to work properly. I bought what purported to be a suitable replacement for use with the G50 but at practice yesterday testing it out there were several instances where the receiver dropped out completely and all of the LEDs displayed a very very dim red light - not the clear red light that you get for low battery, but more of a barely perceptible glow. If I unplugged and plugged the power again then it worked for a short while, but then cut out again. I currently have it plugged in on my desk and it has been running without issue for a good 30 minutes.


I therefore have two questions:


1) What does this 'dim red glow' mean?

2) Can someone please give me a link to somewhere I can purchase a genuine Line 6 power supply that is the correct one for use with this receiver?


Many thanks,


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Now see attached two photos to demonstrate the problem.


Having left the receiver plugged in for around an hour it did it's 'dim red light' trick. I then unplugged and plugged back in and the second photo shows the lights lit up correctly.


Any ideas? The power supply is very hot.



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