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Audio Playback Glitches / Jitter


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Hello guys,


I recently had to return a Amplifi FX 100 due to audio playback glitches / jitter when streaming via bluetooth from my android devices (phone and tablet).

Do this issues exist in the Firehawk FX or any other bluetooth issues with android for that matter?


Thank you in advance,


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Hey pieking1,


Thank you for taking the time to answer.


I've been testing the Amplifi 150 over the weekend I found out that the bluetooth connection is flawed in nature. It may work for a couple of hours and then for whatever reason start glitching. What android / apple device you have, what apps you are running, if you have WiFi or 3G on, if you have any other devices using Bluetooth / WiFi and even the microwave or fluorescent lighting can cause the streaming to start glitching.


So it's something you just have to accept. Since the Firehawk FX has other inputs like the USB and the FX RETURN, I'm thinking of picking it over the HD500x for the ease of editting and the user tone library.


Thanks again

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