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Time to stop hiding Line 6 and fix the faults!


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I've read the thread about how Line 6 are aware of faults and how asking for assistance doesn't help matters.


I'm sorry but if you're aware of the issues regarding the awful Bluetooth connection on Amplifi then why don't you fix it?


We pay you money for a product that is a nightmare and all we get in response is silence and threads suggesting we don't mention it incase it upsets someone.


Either fix it, make a USB PC/Mac interface or abandon the Amplifi all together so we know where we stand.


Stop being so sensitive about people asking for info. Also if you're an unpaid forum member who likes to help then you're appreciated but wrong to think we should sit in silence hoping one day for a fix.

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Hi, I agree wholeheartedly. I have posted before in a similar way. I have an Amlifi 75, which seems to work fine, but I am conerned for all the people who post problems with theirs. Line 6 replied to me that there were tens of thousands of customers not posting problems, so everything must be OK!


I am particularly concerned for those who don't have English as their first language, who struggle to explain their problems - what chance do they have of getting a solution?


When people spend their hard earned money on a product, the least they should get is an item that does what it says on the tin. It is not reasonable for anyone who buys any product to find it doesn't work or has faults.


Line 6 - are you sure your quality control and product testing is sufficient? I am a fully qualified Lead Auditor, and this forum of ongoing and similar complaints does not suggest an effective system to me.

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Hopefully everyone who is posting their problems, are also raising tickets with the support team and getting their issues resolved? Perhaps if this aspect was more transparent to all customers this will help stop the accusation that Line 6 don't help?

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