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Helix Personal Monitor Options/Opinions


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Hey guys,


I just saw this deal on the GC, and I was wondering would this be a good option for Helix personal monitor? 




I do have Behringer Eurolive F1320D that I gave to my singer to use. If you think that this one would be better, I will use that one. It's a bummer that I still didn't get to try this Behringer with Helix.


I was even thinking about Shure in-ear PSM 200 or 300, but I have no experience with wireless monitoring.


Anyway, all your suggestions and ideas are welcome.


Peace and RNR.



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In my experience, dual 15" active speakers can be all over the map in quality - the good ones are REALLY good, and the bad ones... ecch. I've never heard that particular speaker in person, so I can't offer a specific opinion. I'd strongly recommend auditioning speakers before buying one, though, unless you're comfortable with turning it over on Craigslist or similar.


I own and personally recommend the QSC K-Series (one K8 has been more than enough for me, even in fairly loud bands). I've heard the Electro-Voice ELX series, and those are good too; there are a few other Class D active speakers in that general price range that I've at least auditioned once at a store, and all of them seemed acceptable.


The Behringer B2xxD series are less expensive, but their performance is not great; I own a couple of them as backups / extra monitors, and they run out of steam fairly quickly - at least my B208Ds do. Any low mids/bass causes them to hit their internal limiter at too quiet a level to be useful on a loud stage. They also have a boxy/midrangey sound that I've not been able to EQ out. I wouldn't recommend them; at the price you can get better quality used.

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Thx @mdmayfiled. We use EV ELX as our PA speakers in conjunction with Presonus Studio Live 16.0.2. I love those speakers. 


Yes, it is the best way to try them out and hear them instead of pulling an impulse buy. :) I was just wondering if anybody knew, or had experience, with those on GC. 

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