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POD HD300 volume randomly goes down


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I am extremely frustrated with this. It's so f*ckin sad when I'm playing at a gig and bam the volume goes down from nowhere. When I'm practicing at home it isn't any different, I'm playing and suddenly the volume lowers by itself. I've already reinstalled the firmware, I've done a factory reset, I've done this: 

"1-first I have to recommend u to update ur pod hd300 flash memory firmware to version 2 , if it is already re-install it , wont hurt

2-2nd What ur experiencing might be the act of The pod hd300 sound normalizer , which means ur channel is too loud and it reduces the volume to prevent amp overloads , so the solution is decreasing ur channel volume and increasing the overall (output) volume from the back of ur HD300 , this way u can both have a loud and un-normalized sound which is cool right"

I've also tried this:

""Try this, rotate all your pots fully a dozen times, do this every now and then to keep them clear of any muck that might be getting in there.  You will also notice that there is like a null area on each pot near zero and 100 percent.  Once you have your settings assigned to your patches and don't need to make any adjustments while playing, you can "park" the knobs in that null area where they won't deliver a value change due to vibration.""

I have tried using different sources (my amp, my friends amp, my headphones), different settings (studio/live, amp/line)


I've tried different cables, nothing works. Please, help me!!

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It sounds like an error but before you go to extremes best check this one little easily overlooked culprit.


Just make sure when you are on stage going here and going there and back to the HD that your guitar cable isn't lying across the

amp controls.


What easily happens is a cable gets in between the knobs and moves your volume or other.


It is a real mystery unless you actually see it do it , then you know!


I hope for your sake this is it! 

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I'm gonna try something that I haven't (and that may be the problem): 

I think it's somehow related to the master volume knob, as I was playing with the pod hd300 edit open, so it can't be the CH Vol., otherwise it would've been edited. It also can't be the volume pedal, as I would also lose gain, which doesn't happen. So the only other volume controller that could interfere on that is the master volume.

If it isn't the master volume (that might be dusty or defective), the only other explanation would be some kind of in-built volume clipping, which I have already tried to minimize (I've tried a lot for example using low CH. Vol - around 40% - and master volume at 50%, still happened)

So I guess I'll try to open this and clean it up or something like that...

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I think it's somehow related to the master volume knob, as I was playing with the pod hd300 edit open

There are some known glitches, when playing with the POD connected to HD Edit, especially when you change patches at Edit and onboard.

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I gotta hit the sack but there should be a safe mode boot to do the system testing like I've done on my 500. I'll check back here and see if I can dig up the info if someone doesn't do it while I'm in Zzzzz land.


I am curious if the exp pedal is calibrated and will pass the system tests for 0 - 100% heel to toe.

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Alrighty! The pedal calibration for the HD300/400 is: Hold Down "D" while powering on.


Reset: Not a firmware reflash is power on while holding the "A" switch.


Test mode should be: Hold Down "Tap" while powering on - preset knob will get to the various items.


 I don't have either a 3/400 but its what I found for you hopefully it will either sort it out or find if something is bad.



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I appreciate so much all the help you guys are giving here and making sure I'm trying all of it. Right now I've been playing on test mode for about 20 mins and no signs of the sound going down, but before that I was playing normally and it did lower for a moment.

So apparently the problem DOES NOT happen in test mode. Looks like progress? I can't ID where the problem is though :(

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Hey there, Like I said I don't have a 300 but if the tests are anything like the HDs there should be a pass (p) or fail (f) indicator. Should doesn't mean there will. But recalibrate the exp pedal. If its losing its calibration or such maybe its dropping toe down from 100 to say 50. Just trying to keep the screw driver as a last resort - as there might be a ribbon cable that got loose for the pedal or something like that.


Sadly there might be a Support Ticket in your future.

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Try to press and hold save button while plugging in and change z setting using trebke knob, this will fix it though would happen again and would need to redo..


Something is wrong with Line 6 support.. Been saving for new gear and was eyeing Helix, but looks like support only last a few years after release, right?

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This is the reason I am not buying a Helix and moving away from Line 6 gear.  


It sucks that your volume goes down by itself.  But my volume goes up by itself.  and trust me that is worse!!  I would rather have tones cutting to silence, than boosting to speaker blowing levels by themselves.


The problem as you may have already found by now... is that the potentiometers at the top (DRIVE, BASS, MID, TREBLE, PRESENCE, VOLUME)  are CHEAP CRAP.


After a couple of years, these are going.  Now they are over sensitive, the slightest movement, or none, and they change themselves, in some cases from 50% to 70%.  A small change with some amps, and a jump from normal to deafening with some metal amps.


Of course, Line 6 has a short term warranty and won't do anything about this.  Especially here in Indonesia.  So I am left with a $550 pedal that made it a couple of years before becoming next to useless.


My option as someone described above is to set the volumes in the software, and not change anything live.  Which is next to completely f*cking useless.  Anyone can guess what my resale value is now?  that's right...diddly squat.  


Line 6 never wrote a stable driver for windows 10 and their follow up for HD500X seemed to drop off shortly after release.


Always onto the next thing, rarely fixing bugs and issues. 


My experience of Line 6 overall went from great to very dissapointing with the HD series... and now Helix Native alone is $400 freakin dollars with no crossgrade options for HD users so I can't even get that.  I can't even afford it after selling my 500x for pittence.


Seriously dissapointed customer.  

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