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Lock the patch


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I think I have the same problem - I quite often hit the bottom left BANK DOWN button when I meant to hit the one next to it.


It's very frustrating because you can't hit it again to get back - you need to hit the "CANCEL" button at top right.  Not easy to find when you are singing as well!!!


There isn't any way to lock the patch - but if you choose 10 STOMP mode then the BANK up and down buttons become extra STOMP switches instead - it just makes it annoying having to switch in and out of preset mode in between songs.

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No it's not but, as was stated, the fact is that there is no way at this time to lock a patch. Making sure you always have a backup is the next best thing.


This isn't always a certainty either. Recently, I was reorganizing my presets, and about a week later I noticed one of my bass presets was no longer a bass preset. Unfortunately for me, I had backed up this state of things. As well as a backup of the backup. Ugh!


Luckily the preset was fairly easy to recreate. Don't know what caused this to happen. I was using the editor to do the reorganizing by copying and pasting presets to new locations. That's it. The bass preset was named 'Bass', and it took me a while to notice things were wrong because even after the preset was no longer the bass preset, it was still named 'Bass'.


Could be a bug. But if it is, I have no idea how I did it. So if you're moving presets around, if might be a good idea to double check to make sure things are correct.

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