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Three Line 6 Stagesource speakers via L6 link with a Helix Help

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I just purchased a third Stagesource Speaker. I already had 2 L2t's and I added a L3t. I wanted to use the L3t as a floor monitor. So I hooked them up as follows:


Helix ------ L6 link out----- L2t - L6 link out ------- L3t ------ L6 link out-----L2t


No matter what I do whatever speaker is last in the chain (that makes it speaker 3) there is no output to that speaker. I do have all 110 ohm AES/EBU cables per the manual. All cables have been tested in all configurations and they work.


In theory per the manual my configuration should have the L2t's in stereo and the L3t as a Left + Right sum.


Anyone else use the Stagesource speakers this way? What the heck am I doing wrong?


I have plugged the Helix into each speaker via L6 link and they work fine. Tried tall three cables and they all work.


The speakers also work fine as a array if the Helix is not in the chain? When the helix is in the chain the speakers set themselves as 1, 2, and 3 on back. The #3 speaker gets no output. When The Helix is not in the chain the speakers configure as L, b(both) and R just as they should. What is going on.

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The Helix manual reads: Two StageSource speakers or DT amps can also be connected in series via L6 LINK and your stereo Helix signal is intelligently split, with the left channel going to the first StageSource/DT and the right channel to the second.


So maybe the system is only prepared for 2 speakers (used as stage speakers, not as monitor)


But as there are so many outputs on Helix, it's easy to take the xlr mono (or earphone) out and feed it to the L3t / L2t. Doing this would give you also a seperate control over volume directly with the Helix knobs which could be handy while playing.


btw, I found the L3t to large as monitor and they deliver much more bass (which is no good for stagefloors) ,  so I took the L3t as stage speakers and use the smaler L2t as monitor. They are just the size of the Helix + a ext. Volume pedal, and even on smal stages no problem.

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