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Trying to connect external pedals and microphone?! Stressful!


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So sorry if this is a newbie question but i've tried for days to try to find an answer before posting and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. 


So I have Live 3x. I have an external microphone pointed at my amp connected to the 3x ( As my audio interface.. the usb cable is connected to my windows 10 laptop)... I also have external pedals that I am trying to use WITH the Live 3x... wanting to use some delays from the live 3x with this boss distortion pedal... I am also trying to recording all of my pedals and the live 3x from the amp. Using the microphone I have connected to the 3x.... Now... I have Ableton Live 9 .. I cannot figure out how to 1. Get the external amps to work with the live 3x and 2. How to recording all of these things using the external microphone that I have.. I know my questions are all over the place but i'm just really cluster f#$%# and I can't figure anything out.. Really any help would be appreciated. Thanks alot.

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Try the following:


- Set Tone 1 input to Guitar. Connect you guitar to the X3 Guitar input (or to any external  pedals that you want to use pre-amp, then their output to the X3 Guitar input). Place any post-amp pedals in the X3 FX Loop. Connect the X3 output to your amp input. **


- Set Tone 2 input to Mic. Connect your mic to the X3 Mic input.


- in Ableton, arm a track for recording and select USB inputs 5/6 (Tone 2) as the record source.


This setup should direct your X3, external pedals, and amp tones to your microphone which is then recorded to Ableton over USB with the X3 as your audio interface.


** You may want to experiment with using different Live Out Modes for the X3. Also experiment with using either an X3 amp model in Tone 1 (your guitar signal path) and connecting to just the power amp section of your physical amp (if that option is available with your amp), or using no X3 amp model in Tone 1 and connecting to the preamp section of your physical amp. In the latter case there will be no post-amp FX from your external pedals.

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