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HD500X to 5.1 system


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Have anyone tried to connect a the POD HD500 / X through a 5.1 system? No matter how did you connect it. I mean, it could have been passing through an audio interface first.


Just interested in the sound it would provide since 5.1 systems tend to sepparate frequencies very well and have dedicated speakers for almost all audible frequencies.


Maybe a dumb question :-D but I love those kinds of questions that puts me to redefine things

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The HD500/X output is stereo - two channels, L and R - not the five channel output of a 5.1 system. As I understand it the dedicated speakers in a 5.1 system are not frequency based (unless you have a 6th subwoofer speaker) they are position based - L, R, C, RL, RR.


I don't know how you would connect it, but you will only hear the L and R stereo channels, even if those 2 channels are duplicated in some fashion across the 5 speakers.

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Most 5.1 receivers have presets that can create "pseudo surround" from a stereo signal.


I tried it with a PODxt  a long time ago with a Marantz receiver which is in my living room.

A ran the analog outs of the PODxt to Line level RCA ins of the receiver using 1/4" to RCA cables, it was fun for a bit.


If you try this and you ins are not line level, you need to very careful with the output of the POD.


I also did this with 2 Boss HR-2 Harmonist pedals as 4 discrete channels basically achieving an old school quadraphonic sound, that was pretty interesting. 

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Depending on the system, you can hook it up. 

But it will never truly be 5.1 because the source is only stereo. 


And, as far as the sound quality goes --- it is the same as everything else. Your dime store surround sound in a box system is not going to sound as good as the seven thousand dollar per speaker systems. 

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what do you hear on your favorite records, mono?

the guitar is typically a mono instrument, so how do they make those surround mixes ... it is all in the effects in a chain

the (pseudo) surround information is generated from phase variations in the stereo image (simplified). plenty of time related effects in the pod with surround potential: phasers, chorus, flanger, vibe, reverb, delay.

just make sure you dont put any mono effects towards the end of your chain reducing the signal to mono

the 5.1 is ok, i prefer a 4.0 setup for a better stereo effect

besides the pseudo surround of my hifi amp which is always on i`ve used plugins like spatializers and stereo expanders with great results. often, the wideness setting will control depth from the rear speakers, just great.

then the fx loop send can be taken from a dual path patch giving a 4 ch (2 different stereo channels)

most modern pc mainboards have on board surround with 6 or 8 analog out jacks, only problem is to feed the pod into the pc with a decent interface, not using the pod as default soundcard

some plugins split the signal into frequency bands processing each separately with individual settings

the one weakness is that listening position drastically changes the surround experience

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