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best cab/mic model for slo100 (no 3rd party ir)

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to build an all-round lead patch using an slo100 (mainly for satriani type stuff, because that's what they say he used on Summer Song and I just love that sound). I've tried many options, but I feel I'm going round in circles.

Any suggestions that work for you?



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He used Soldanos and Mesas. And I think Marshall earlier in his career. I used one of the Plexi amp for a "Surfing with the Alien" preset. Which sounded great until I addd the chorus to make it authentic. I'm just not a fan of that much chorus. The Soldano amps on Helix also sound great and definitely a bit unique to other amps. And of course, there is a 5150 model as well at Mesa Boogie. Those will all get that smooth yet high-gain sound you're looking for. Don't forget your tube screamer. And some plate reverb and a bit of delay. These things will get you in the ballpark.

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Not sure if this will help, but I made a preset based on this video 2011 Sweetwater video of him demoing it...over my Saturday morning coffee.


I posted two versions.  


I noticed in the video he has using Marshall with dual mics, an SM57 off axis and a ribbon 121.  I used dual parallel Marshall 1960 cabs to get close.  Unfortunately Helix doesnt yet have off axis mic models or off-center positions.  But I think I tweaked the parameters to get a similar sound.  I put the cabs on Path 2 for processor performance and flexibility.  


I tried to leave a little cut to the sound for live use.  You can move the mics further from the cabs and/or lower the high cuts on the cabs if you want it a little smoother.


I left the looper block in it too because it helps me to loop a guitar part while I'm tweaking a preset.  Maybe it will help you too.  You can clear it later.





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