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the relay g10 vs a real and good guitar cable: no...


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i am making a comparison

between the relay g30

g 10 


adam cable 3M rolling stones


1) the adam cable 

2) i am not sure but the g 10 is not good enough for gigs and at home


my Adam Cable is much better


and maybe the g 30 too

so am a little bit disappointed 


my guitar cable sound louder and brighter so it's perfect and i wanted the same sound with a wireless system

it won't be possible like my demos showed me

how much money must we spend to have a good wireless system?

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What cable are you using to connect the G10 or G30 receiver to your amp?  Shorter is better and something made with mogami or equivalent will be even better,  And seriously you are looking at entry level wireless and wondering how much you have to spend?   to give you some idea how good the G30 is as a deal, some of the transmitters used on Broadway shows are $3000 - $5000 each (without the receiver). Funny thing is the G30 will likely sound as good or better since it has flatter response and no compander.

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i use a very good cables : planet waves stage, good and patch cable

i made comparisons with garage band

and with the amp +

with my pedalboard like a traditional cable 


Adam Hall rolling stones signature and Cordial silent cables



the g 10 has a bad sound : a little bit dark and metallic


the g 30 was better so i keep the g 30 


but what i liked was the hum which disappeared with the G10 

it was amazing with a strat

but i prefer " a pure tone" with a warm sound and not a metallic and dark sound 

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Just bought a Relay G10 from Guitar Center Friday. I presume this is one of the latest production units.


I use South Creek Audio Cables either in 10' or 20' lengths, depending on my need. In some switching scenarios, I have used a 20' plus a 10'. Compared to using the cables, I notice no audible degradation with the Relay G10.


I'm using several Les Pauls and a Sheraton-II Pro all with ProBuckers. Also, have a Custom Strat with Fender Vintage Noisless Pickups. These are fed to Fender Mustang IV v.2, Fender Mustang III v.2, and Yamaha THR10C amps.

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On August 17th I purchased a Relay G10.

Set / installation was as advertised.

Quality and peformance from one of my Fender Mustang IV V2.0, one of my Fender Frontman 25R, one of my Kustom Coup72(tube amp) was

equal to that of my South Creek Audio cables. 10', 20' cable lengths.


No drop outs, no buzzing, or any other anomalies or artifacts were heard.

Guitars used in test : Gretsch, Les Paul, Custom Made Strat, Custom Made Telecasters, among others.


Ergonomics were good.


What was not good is the lack of support for the ANDROID OS. Also the charging micro code does NOT PERFORM AS ADVERTISED !!!!!!!!

In speaking with support team of the G10, they believe there are no issues with charging.

A friend of mine also has the same issues with charging. Line6 did not appear to be interested in our observation.

We have a well defined process where we can replicate repeatedly the charging issues.

I detected no sence of interest or urgency at all in having a document that describes the process that will demonstrate the defect in the charging microcode.

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Yup! Announced here on the Forums by Tony Aug 16. Firmware 1.03, if I recall correctly. Check the Pinned items at the top of the Relay Digital Wireless sub-Forums. Already flashed mine, and it corrected one problem.

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There is likely a level difference between the analog signal through a cable --> amp vs. analog --> digital --> analog --> amp. Unless you compensate so that the the actual sound levels are identical this type of test is meaningless. To human ears, louder almost always sounds better (within reason). You know, Fletcher-Munson and all that.


Want your relay to sound louder? Turn up the master volume.


I say this with no disrespect intended - you just don't need to worry about this effect that you have noticed.

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There was also a subsequent firmware update to version 1.04 releasd in mid September. This last release corrected all the Green LED issues I had encountered after the transmitter reached full charge and the power was subsequently turned off.

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