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md20 stagescape white screen

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ok my Md20 just developed a white screen, the buttons all light up etc but the screen is just white after leaving it booted up for a while and then a few power cycles it come back eventually at the moment.. any idea how i can tfix it ?


its a great mixer and get loads of comments on how it all sounds esp now we have the l3t's to go with it

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Ive just had my m20d white screen after running fine for 2.5hrs. The touch panel still works but can't see anything but white. Thankfully I have my iPad connected and I can use that for the rest of the gig but no idea why and how to fix it. I can't turn it off to test that yet but aghhh

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Hi i reinstall thé firmware as suggested by the support and no problem.

See the answer

"Bonjour, veuillez reinstaller votre m20d par cette procedure alternative : -insertez votre clé USB ou carte SD avec le firmware de m20d -allumez le m20d en appuyer TWEAK, RECORD & MONITOR (le firmware est réinstallé) si votre m20d ne marche pas encore veuillez contacter votre vendeur car il faut analyser le m20d dans notre centre SAV "

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Wow that looks nasty. I've been waiting over four months to get mine fixed. Still waiting on a part from USA to arrive in Australia. Really disappointed in the service from Line 6 and Yamaha. :(

I hope a ticket last night when i come back home ! I'm waiting.... I hope a replace unit and not a repair...

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