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Is Variax being discontinued?

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Not sure exactly how that was intended... but I'm taking it as "More do use them every day."


If L6 was big on "product placement" deals, then every second artist would flaunt a Variax on stage (in my "humble" opinion).✔ï¸

You got it as intended.  The worldwide company/production I work with/for has heavily embraced Variax across several companies in recent months.  Our work covers many tones/textures on limited production budget. 


Back in the day we had resources for 8 different guitars which required a lot of maintenance, space and the hassle of swapping and/or using Gracie stands, A/B boxes/switches, etc.  The Variax has become the one guitar solution while doing a fantastic job.  


The "product placement" stuff might be nice but we pay our freight because we've spec'd particular products.  If LIne6 wishes to offer up stuff that would of course be welcome?  But many pro's simply buy what works for them because it's part of their business to use the products they need. 


This way of doing business also allows the "honesty" to call out "things" without concern if our "deal" will get nixed.  

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