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M20D system date

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everytime I record with my M20 I get files with a December 31, 1979 file date.  While I loved the Police and Van Halen, It's not helping me keep  my recordings orgainzed to have them all showing as recorded at the same time.  I cannot find anywhere in the software to change the system date or time?

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I always copy the raw tracks into a date/session specific folder on my computer (named for example "Rehearsal 2016-07-06" - each track file is obviously named after the channel that it was recorded.  Not sure why the date would matter if you are recording the inputs as they have to be mixed to give anything useful.


The session folders are automatically incrementally numbered by the M20d so it is obvious in which order they were recorded and you have the option of naming them anyway.


I have a Reaper project that is copied into the same folder and when opened the files in the current folder are automatically loaded and as we use the same M20d set-up each time with same mics and direct lines in, the new DAW session is pretty much in a good rough mix state immediately.


Maintaining a real-time clock is an unnecessary complication on the M20d when it really isn't needed for anything.

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