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Workbench Tuning Parameter ?

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For whatever reason, (and I'll toss in the possibility of user error...) altering the tuning does not change the sound. I noticed this while tuning all strings down by -12 to explore bass sounds.  Even loading alternative tuning presets doesn't change the sound.


I upload the preset, save it, open it, etc. No change to the sound.


Am I missing a step?  Or is something else not working?


Making other on-screen parameters such as choosing a body model, pick up configuration, etc updates the sound.


Firmware v2, installed twice as suggested.


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I think you have to put the alt tuning dial in the Model position from what I have read.

Hey thanks for pointing that out.


Just finished reviewing the Pilot handbook only to realize that I'll need to use the Alternate Tuning knob set to Model as you mentioned.  (It's been set to Standard since I starting using the JTV-59 last year).  I changed the thread title since this is now officially a case of user error. :D  

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All set.


Saved the tuning to a new model, then set the alt tuning knob to Model.  It sounds as expected.


Another option was to save the tuning, then swap it for something like Drop  Db in the tuning knob which I'll never use. This offers more flexibility when testing out bass sounds in various models.  However, coaxing bass out of the existing models really isn't a substitute for  an authentic bass guitar model.  Better yet, a bank of models!

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