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New Helix user: Help!


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I was really excited about how "easy" everything said this unit was. I am trying to teach myself to use the controls on the board as opposed to the software (which is what I did with the HD500X). Its all over whelming. I was looking for a "quick start" guide but haven't found a lot. I need something that walks me through, start to finish, in creating a simple patch. I found a video but when he gets to the part where he assigns the first pedal, he touches the button and assigns it. Me touching anything does nothing as far as I can tell.


Also, I see no way to switch the pedal over to Wah and turn it on. What am I missing? Is there an acceptable order of effects for this unit (I know traditional pedal orders but I don't know if, digitally, some things sound better in other orders)?


Finally (for now) unless I am playing at too low a volume, my tone doesn't clean up with the volume knob any more than the HD500 did.


Open to any guides/input. TIA! :)

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With the Helix, you can literally just plop the blocks down in any order. If it sounds good to you then you're good to go. That's all there is to it.


That said, you typically want to just follow what you would do with a traditional setup: distortion, modulation, etc before amp and reverb and delay after.


Make sure you have "Touch Select" turned on in the Footswitches section of the global settings (press the hamburger menu button).


If you have "Touch Select" on, use the navigation wheel to select one of your blocks then touch (don't press) a footswitch for about a second. The screen will update its display asking you to assign the footswitch.


With wah, just add a wah block to your preset and press firmly down on the expression pedal. The wah block should turn on. If you have a volume block, pressing this button will alternate both the volume and wah states by default.


I hope this helps at least a little.

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