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Command Center EXT AMP issue with snapshots


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Not sure if this is normal or not but i cannot save different Instant Commands for each snapshot for the Ext Amp Command. I want to have snapshot one be the clean channel on my tube amp head, snapshot 2 the mid gain channel, and snapshot 3 be the lead channel on my amp. I cannot do this as every time i change the value in one snapshot it changes for all snapshots. As a workaround i can assign footswitches and save their state for each snapshot but i would rather use those footswitches for effects blocks. Is there a setting somewhere i am missing or is this not possible?  Let me add that i am able to add different instant commands per snapshot for program changes without an issue but not external amp control.

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From the manual:

Snapshots also store and recall the following MIDI, CV, and Ext Amp messages sent to external devices from the Command Center:

• The value of any Instant MIDI CC, Bank/Prog, MMC, and CV Out messages

• The state (dim value or lit value) of any CC Toggle or CV Toggle messages as- signed to footswitches

• The state (dim or lit ) of any Ext Amp messages assigned to footswitches

So you don't get completely different Instant messages per snapshot—only different values.

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I'm confused by this. I'm able to set EXT AMP states per-snapshot just fine, but something odd is happening if I change EXT AMP state then switch to another snapshot. The assigned footswitch will change state (on the LCD and LED), but the EXT AMP relay won't actually change state to follow the setting in the snapshot. I've gone into more detail in another post:



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